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Lucile Desamory

In her installation Untitledment Desamory delves into the ongoing artistic question of emancipation and autonomy. The title alludes to the artist’s desire to create a ‘terrain vague’, a serene and fluid space delicately poised between emptiness and an autonomous zone. The fluidity and fluency of her videos symbolise the artist’s enduring fascination with the ephemeral nature of intersecting memories and overlooked narratives.

Editor: Isabell Spengler; Sound and music: Nicholas Bussmann; Color correction: Till Beckmann; Photographer: Sophie Watzlawick; Graphic design: Formula Projects; Production: Steirischer Herbst


During Club Ritual—A Social Event Choreographed in the Manner of a Dance Carola Caggiano & Lucile Desamory will perform hits by Dalida, Mina, old polish cabaret songs and Schubert Lieder. With or without microphones they wander through these well-known melodies which serve as vessels for emotions. 

In Dutch, Arabic, French, Italian, English and Yiddish, Desamory and Caggiano invite you inside of an exhilarating lament. With their spesial guests, Alina Sargsyan and Nicholas Bussmann, they stir a murmur and aim at a delirious state of communion.